TWIM - The World Is Mine

The world is mine!

Everyone, no one excluded, have the right and the duty to feel that the world is ours.
Everyone, no one excluded, have the right and the duty to act accordingly in mutual respect.

It is crucial for anyone, who understands how important it is, to rise up.


The basic idea is that pursuit and achievement of the common good through entrepreneurial economic activity is possible.

This is not an utopian illusion, but a reality that every day becomes more and more actual, new ways of conceiving and doing business are ready to conquer the market bringing progress and well-being to the community more and more effectively.

The goal > COMMON GOOD
Twim’s goal is the individual’s empowerment and the growing awareness of the tremendous power of his choices, especially when shared with others.

We want to pursue an important increase in social cohesion, transversal to the classic divisions that characterize it. For this purpose it is crucial to spread an alternative view of the problems of today’s society, seen not only as negative elements, but also as precious revealers of the way that we have to go along together.

Twim wants to promote the idea that all of us are called to cooperate in achieving common goals, recognizing each other their irreplaceable utility and function.

Although often encountering great difficulties in peacefully living together, we have successfully brought human society to date and, despite the problems that afflict them, new generations have always received from the past ones a better world generally speaking. To further advance, we must understand that the next steps of social evolution depend on our ability to cooperate and interoperate.


everybody is useful, everyone is irreplaceable

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