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TwimAd and fundraising

Twim is a platform that integrates two different functions: a community and an advertising network called TwimAd. These ones create a virtuous synergy through the interaction and mutual involvement of the different type of users who use it, in order to realize social utility projects funded by the budget invested in TwimAd channels.

TwimAd Announces

  • Advertising may take on different forms: texts, images, audio, videos, storytelling in dedicated pages.
  • Full profiling of enrolled users and usage statistics are available in anonymous form for ad targeting.
  • Users can search for keywords and express interests for arguments and products through a special function in order to get ads as specific as possible, making them more effective both for the potential buyer and for the advertiser.

TwimAd Announces Open

In the Open channel ads are delivered on profiled partner sites based on their format (blogs, forums, news, etc.) and their users statistics, so that Twim can offer the advertiser a choice that is as effective as possible for the success of his campaign.

Part of the revenue, up to 10%, will be used to cover the costs of running Twim

The advertiser can direct nearly two-thirds of his investment to the projects he finds most interesting

TwimAd Announces Inner

The different software applications of the platform deliver advertising messages through the multiple devices commonly used to access and browse the internet (pc, smartphone and tablet).
Using this channel, the funding campaign budget is redirected to projects as per users choice. A small part of it, no more than 10%, will concur to cover the operational costs of Twim.

TwimAd Products

In a dedicated section of the portal, advertisers can promote the purchase of products and services for which a fraction of the sale profit will be donated to Twim. Depending on the agreements in effect, both the seller and the buyer can decide which projects to fund with that sum and how.

How the funds are allocated

When an ad is viewed or clicked, the cost incurred by the advertiser is credited to the profile of the user who made the interaction

This way, user who is surfing the net within the community, an amount is set aside that can be used to finance preferred projects. Advertisers, on the other hand, by using an open network outside the community and by promoting the sale of products and services to the portal, may decide to allocate the cost of the service used to the projects they deem deserved.


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