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How We realize the Projects

Projects go through four phases to get accomplished:

1. Storming

In the first phase users presents their projects to the community. This period is useful to get comments on the proposals, deepen their issues, engage in a debate and vote the bests. For projects that go past the selection, a feasibility study is required. This kind of business plan evaluates the estimated budget, professionalism, timing and any bureaucratic fulfillment required for projects implementation.

2. Development

The second step to proceed is to find the necessary resources. To maximize the chances of success, promoters are encouraged to take advantage of each channel at their disposal to invite new users to join the project. The possibilities to commit to a project are two:

  • Economical commitment – It consists in the assignment of the TwimAd budget associated to a user’s profile to a particular project.
  • Operational commitment – Any user who has the necessary requirements* can commit himself / herself to having an operational role in the implementation of the project. If this action involves a cost, the user is asked to communicate it..

* All users who want to take part in the implementation of a project will be subject to a check to determine their suitability for tax and judicial matters.

Based on the budget set out in the feasibility document, Twim estimates the number of TwimAd active users needed to reach the target funding within a given period of time agreed with the promoters.

3. Financing

Among the selected projects, those that obtain the necessary Economical and Operational committments are eligible for funding. Some may receive the required funds at their approval as TwimAd continuosely generates income, even during the preliminary STORMING and DEVELOPMENT phases; other projects may take longer to be funded..

All the selected projects, upon reaching the minumum number of committments and associated budget, receive the funds necessary for their realization

4. Launch

Twim supports promoters in organizing their project deployment and takes charge of invoices and payments.

All decisions are made by the users community themselves. Twim performs an organizational support function only and, if requested, takes part in the business plan blueprint.

Verification of the correct execution of project deliverables, required to issue the payments, is done by external collaborators/partners/public offices according to the exact standards specified in the contract stipulated with each supplier.

For each project, an online searchable report engine, containing all the operational and economic details, including work progress status, budget consumption and invoices is available.

Twim does not participate directly in the realization of projects,
and does not solicit the choice of particular companies, associations and / or entities involved in them.


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