In 1947 the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development issued its first bond, since then has never stopped looking ahead and exploring innovative solutions to face the most difficult challenges for the development of the world, believing that Capital Markets can be a real strength to use to do something positive.

Investing in World Bank bonds means doing well and doing good because funding is used to finance projects with a real social, economic and environmental impact accurately selected by the institute with developing countries.

In March 2017 the WB has issued its first bond linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) included in 2030 Agenda. Bonds were arranged by BPN Paribas and have been developed under the “SDGs Everyone” initiative. Money raised will be used to support the financing of designed projects that are to be done to achieve these goals and investors will benefit from the performance of companies included in the world equity index. The index includes 50 companies that devote at least 20% of their activities to sustainable products or are recognized as leaders in their industries on socially and environmentally sustainable issues.
The equity-index linked bonds raised a total of euro 163 million ($173 million) from institutional investors in France and Italy.

Therefore we are faced with a new financial model that come in to the market logic, through this investors can make money and at the same time support important local and national projects, and to raise awareness of the private sector’s role in supporting 2030 Agenda’ s goals.