Last 26th November districts of Molfetta and Giovinazzo signed an agreement to create a bike path along the road ss16 that connects them, make it available to everyone even professional cyclist, usefull to host national or international events.

The building costs 1.500.000 euro and survey, analysis, consultations, advertising are included but there is a problem about capital as is often the case in similar situations.

The municipality of Molfetta, acting also for the district next to, has decided to partecipate Regione Puglia’s invitation to tender, on opportunity linked to Europe 2020 program.

This italian region offers 12.000.000 euro to interventions in order to sustainable mobility in urban and suburban areas through the construction of cycling paths presented by Public Administrations.

Surfing the web we have read of some citizens who, in the face of this news, complain about missions for other municipal issues that are not dealt with, probably for reasons of lack of fund.

This is an example of how Twim can be useful to public administration, becoming an alternative tool for getting funds for works required by citizens but not only, people themselves could propose their social utility project to be realized in their city.

If you are a citizen or a public administration and you’d like know us better or you’ve some question about Twim, surf our website and contact us on or facebook page as you prefer, it’ll be a pleasure to answer! 🙂