We met so many beautiful people during the Festival della partecipazione of last July and one of them impressed us particularly for the passion transmitted about her association and what she does for it.

This is Ilaria a young university student, who came in the association’s world as a volunteer of A.I.R.A. (Italian Association Reum Amici) a few years ago. She supported persons like rheumatic patient and future psychologist, giving information and answering questions or doubts about the rheumatic pathologies, diagnosis and quality of life.

Ilaria faced on all those feelings and thoughts that arise when a disease is diagnosed that compels you to confront it and take all the necessary steps to be able to deal with it for the best. She passed this delicate period of her life finding out an association through a forum that has given her strength and hope and later she become volunteer fot that organization.

After she took back her life, she realized could have pay back the support recieved helping other people like her who feel themself disoriented becaouse of diagnosis and she decided to join tha association who gave her help.

She is a voluntary worker in ANMAR Young for almost 2 years, that is part of ANMAR Onlus (Associazione Nazionale Malati Reumatici), composed of young people between 18 and 35 years old with rheumatic diseases that make on sensitization activities about rheumatic disease in general and in young people, in order to overcome the prejudice that’s a question of “old people”.

The description she makes of the group whom she collaborates with, impress us for clarity and calm: “We are all boys with a relatively normal life, the only difference with others is that we pay more attention to the signals that our body sends us. We are more inclined to take care of ourselves, because if we did not, the pains could be very strong and in some cases debilitating.”

Thanks to this experience she realize her desire to help boys and girls providing the support she initially didn’t have at the time. Finding someone who calmly explains you what is happening to your body that fails to do things you used to do, and speaking to who has lived and lives the same situation but he’s fine or better is an incredible support. Helping them in this make her happy and pleased, and we have seen that in her eyes.

If they had the necessary funds, Ilaria explains us there are many projects that could be carried out from an extensive awareness campaign that could reduce the number of late diagnosis, that produce most damaging, to projects aimed at a improving physical and psychological conditions of patients.

Heartily wishing her to become psychologist soon, we spread her personal message:

“The message I would like to give goes to all those guys with a rheumatic disease. You are not alone, even if there are people don’t understand you, no matter. Our goal is to create a social network that allows us to always have support. Step by step we will succeed, and we’ll make these diseases finally known.