Last friday took place The Go green Apulia, GO! with the aim of reviving the economy for the young generations of Apulia through the upgrading of virtuous green experiences in the area and creating a network of young entrepreneurs, innovative companies, schools, universities, third sector agencies and public administration.

At the event, there were associations very close to our principles and values:

  • Ecofesta Puglia: It takes care to make Puglia’s main events sustainable through awareness raising and information on environmental issues and on separate collection in the main concerts, festivals and parties.
  • Zemove: We talked about last week here. An innovative startup for car sharing and car pooling in Salento.
  • Made in carcere: It is an onlus organization born within the Borgo S. Nicola an female prison in Lecce. Here, eco-solid products are produced by women excluded by the society detained in the prisons of Lecce and Trani, in this way they can learning a trade build and starting a path of reconciliation to the real world.
  • Green Procurement Salento:The GPP Salento Association handles the promotion and enhancement of the environmental sustainability culture within the Public Administration through the practice of Green Public Procurement as well as works for the pursuit of awareness raising for adopting responsible and participatory behaviors through the involvement with citizenship.

This is a great model to follow and adopt. If all regions can take care of organizing and engaging in green themes to create a network it would be a great way to become all greener. The world is mine!