Costa Rica is a little nation in Central America with a population of around 5 million, it’s the first country to generate almost the totaly of its energy from green source during the last 30 years.
Last July the National Energy Control Center reported that in first half of 2017 Costa Rica has reached an amazing goal by generating 99.35% of its electricity with renewable sources: water (74.85%), geothermal energy (11.10%), wind (11.92%), biomass (1.47%) and sun (0.01%).

The great variety of natural resources is one of american country’s strong point, these are complementary each other and ensure an endless source of energy, this is why Costa Rica Electricity Institute’s electricity division chief , Luis Pacheco boasts that this peculiarity make possible to get high level of optimisation of resourse in favour of surrounding and people and expects to keep the record for the second half year too.

Dedication in sustainability is dedicated even in tourism sector, so that Costa Rica Tourism Board (ICT) has planned a sustanaibility program (CST) that’s recognised by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) as well. The main purpose of the CST is to turn the concept of sustainability into something real, practical and a goal toward which to tend for the improvement of local community and provide a new support for the competitiveness of the entrepreneurial sector.

Costa Rica must be a good exaple and an important warning to everyone because it makes clear that answering to demand of energy and developing business models in sustainable ways is really possible, by promoting an active partecipation of every social players. It’s only a question of choices!