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How you can use Twim

Do you have in mind a solution to a problem of your community, your city, or you are just aware of a need that remains dissatisfied because of lack of funds?

Share your ideas with the Twim community, you’ll be able to find what you need to realize them, engaging with many people happy to collaborate, as well as companies, associations, and public institutions which are ready to play their part too!

Together we can do so much!

Propose your ideas

Once you’ve created your profile, you can propose your ideas to the entire community, remember that only projects that get more votes have the chance to move forward for approval and funding. This is why it’s very important how you present your ideas like you do on socials. You can then customize your project page with images, videos and texts to explain what results you want to achieve, be creative and hearty!

Support others’ ideas

Being part of a community also means supporting others in their initiatives, voting the ideas you like and participating actively in their realization. You can also give your favourite projects the budget associated with your interactions in TwimAd channel as explained below.

About TwimAd

The community and all projects are funded by the TwimAd advertising channel revenue. The system is very simple, let’s make a practical example: a freelance invests $ 100 in advertising on our network, imagine that every click costs $ 1 to the advertiser and that one hundred users click on the announce that publicize his services. At this point Twim connects the dollar spent by the advertiser to each of the hundred user profiles, this happens for every interaction and generates a personal budget useful to finance their preferred projects.

After registration you will have the opportunity to view Twim’s advertisers spots on your smartphones, tablets and computers.

The figures reported in the example are indicative, part of the advertising revenue (up to max 10%) will be used to cover the costs of running Twim.

You decide which project will receive the fund generated by your interaction with Twim’s advertising network


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