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In one place you can meet people, businesses, public administrations and other associations to share goals and projects

Fundraising and search for operational personnel are activities that the platform makes snappy and effective. Entering Twim means gaining greater visibility and being part of an incubator of social utility projects that makes collaboration of heterogeneous users its strength.

Promote your organization activities

Nonprofit organizations can propose to the community their initiatives as projects through a customizable presentation board with images, videos, and texts. Each project must overcome the selection of users through a vote, in order to realize the chosen ones, a feasibility study that defines the operational and economic needs of the project is required. This starting document will be the fundamental guideline for successive interactions with the community, which consists of finding economic and operative resources, putting them at work on the projects.

How users and Twim support and participate in projects

The funds Twim makes available for the realization of projects come from TwimAd, an advertising network channel linked to a revolutionary fundraising tool.

Users has two ways to intervene directly in favor of projects:

  • Economical commitment – Depending on the type of user, a person can allocate to projects the income generated by their TwimAd clicks and views. For advertisers, economical commitment is made by giving a project a percentage of revenue from sales of goods and part of the budget of advertising campaigns that they activate;
  • Operational commitment – All users can engage in some role in the realization of projects; if this action foresees a cost, the user is required to indicate it.


We are looking for partners

Twim platform is designed to help nonprofit organizations accomplish their initiatives by using our innovative fundraising system; if you are interested, or want to to know more about partnering with Twim, contact us at we will be glad to reply to your questions.


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