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The advantages Twim offers to your business

Using the TwimAd advertising network and participation in community life, add value to the commercial exchange of products and services, bringing companies closer to customers with whom they can build a new kind of engagement based on shared values and cooperation in order to achieve common goals.

Twim and Open Social Responsibility

The interaction with the community provides useful information about people and terriotories’ priorities to choose which social responsibility activity should get started

Companies like any other user have the opportunity to propose to the community their own ideas and Social Responsibility initiatives. A company that invests in TwimAd and at the same time opens up to interaction with the community, can can for example: involve other users in planning and implementing projects, create a team where everyone is able to share his/her point of view, discuss and work together. In this way Social Responsibility becomes really Open!

Thanks to Twim, trade is enriched by a new meaning, transforming it into an even more useful resource for the entire community. Lastly, a TwimAd advertiser can recover part of the advertising spend as funding for projects that it proposes and other users decide to fund.

Support other’s ideas

Twim offers companies two ways to intervene directly in favor of a project that reflects their values to make their participation in community life more concrete:

  • Economic commitment – part of the advertising campaign budget invested in TwimAd and part of the sale of products or services can be donated directly to one or more specific projects (the rest of the funding is at the discretion of users interacting with ads);
  • Operational commitment  – companies can take part in the realization of projects by offering their products/services either as pro bono activities or at a cost.

TwimAd, invest in advertising and get double benefits

Considering the continuous trend in consumers to prefer companies that demonstrate social engagement, advertising in TwimAd, in addition to the results of a traditional online advertising campaign, assures with the same investment an increase in Brand Reputation that no other online marketing tool available today is able to offer.

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